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Saturday, 12 September 2015

August favourites

So I have never written  a favourites before so please feel free to tell me  if it's shite and that I should never do one again if it's awful. Or if you like it then again feel free to tell me and I may do another. Or even turn it into a monthly  thing who knows. So let's get to it. These are the things I have been loving during the month of August in Ireland. While you are reading this you may wonder if I have the right month I do I do know it's summer and I should have summery things here. But I live in Ireland  and we have had a awful summer it's raining currently  as I write this so don't be shocked to see things like hot chocolate make the cut cause well
 I love hot chocolate!

♡ Mariokart
All this past week I have been obsessed  with mariokart I deleted  my profile and started again.while  I have been having a great time beating all the computers and winning gold cups I have to point out how mean  the computers are. I play as baby peach you know baby peach super cute with a baby's dodo in her mouth well I just get pushed  around the place. That's no way to treat a lady nevermind a princesses. Of course I'm  just joking and a beat them all anyway. Next stop for me is the real races!

♡ Gossip Girl
So I don't mind tv shows with a lot of drama if it gets to much I take a break and come back to it. Well my break  from gossip girl lasted a week and  when I started back on season 6 I forgot how good it was but sadly  I'm finished it now. But season 6 was definitely  better then season 5.  So if you are watching gossip girl and your getting bored of it hold out till season 6 it gets better I promise!

♡ Hot chocolate
I'm frozen since I got back from Spain it's like a 20 degree drop and I have been wrapped up in big jumpers since I got  home. Thank the gods for hot chocolate with marshmallows whipped cream and chocolate chips. Delish nothing makes me fell better unless I'm sick then hot chocolate. Oh yeah it is summer all right!

♡ Rereading my faves
I always find myself during the summer rereading my favourite books. This summer has been no exception. I have re-read all the Harry Potters, Percy Jacksons, Heros of Olympus and the Infernal Devices. I love all these books so much and I think if might be time for a Harry Potter movie marathon again it's been a while.

♡ Great British Bake Off
GBBO is back on tv and I'm obsessed for those who are not watching  it or are up to date get a move on there's nothing better then watching people make cake biscuits or bread. GBBO always inspires me to bake more and this is just what I need  cause I haven't baked in ages but then after watching the great British  bake off last week I was in the kitchen baking meringue  roulade and lemon drizzle cake. So come on and get your bake on!
So those were the things I have been loving for the past month.  Please leave a comment down below if you enjoyed  and follow me on my social  media all links in side bar but for now.

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Monday, 29 June 2015

Burn Baby Burn!

So as I have mentioned before I have just completed my sate exams and this year has been incredibly stressful for me and my friends.So as a final farewell to the year and to rid ourselves of that stress we have built up we decided to let off a little steam by burning our exam papers! As you can't pass them on or sell them so the pictures that follow are us doing just that.Enjoy!

The papers

Never liked you irish

Even our school diaries got burned!

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Friday, 26 June 2015

Going to a Wedding! Outfit

So I'm going to a wedding tomorrow and I thought I would share what I am planning on wearing to it.I have spent a lot of time putting the outfit together and my dad spent a lot of money on the dress cause he wanted me to have one really good dress i could wear to formal things and i love the dress so much.

This is the dress it's by Ted Baker and I got it in Brown Thomas it cost 195 euro and the top half has this beautiful hexagon shape pattern.The bottom also spins out when you twirl.

It looks blue in pictures but it's actually a mint green colour in real life my favourite colour.

These cute little ballet pumps are the shoes I'm going to wear with the dress. I got them in Zara last year  so I honestly have no idea how much they cost.

This is the cardie that goes with the dress its also Ted Baker also from Brown Thomas it cost 130 euro
but I love how it falls and its super comfy.

For accessories this is the clutch I got to go with it.I got it in monsoon and it cost 25 euro it has a alligator textured print on it 

These are the cute little earrings I got to wear as well because I never wear earrings I got something very simple.

These bracelets I got for my birthday from a very good friend and I thought they would go perfectly.

This is the whole outfit put together and I love it so much!!!

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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Spend the day baking with me! lemonade and Brownies.

Hi y'all so I haven't posted a baking post post in forever so today I spent the whole day baking first off because I really wanted to make lemonade and  had lemons so why not. Then I realised it was my brothers birthday the next day( he is 25 now) and for all my brothers birthday presents because they live away from home I bake them something so I set to work and made him brownies!

So for the lemonade I didn't  really have a recipe I kinda just made it up as I went but it turned out super yummy yet quite sugary so bear that in mind!

I dissolved 2 cups of sugar ( fine caster sugar) into a litre of boiling water I squeezed five lemons so I had 200ml of lemon juice and I added it to the sugar syrup .I then just left two of the lemon skins in the warm lemonade and left to completely cool I added  ice and can now serve!

Time for brownies 
I'm pretty much a throw everything in a bowl and mix kinda gall 
so get out 3 eggs oops I drooped one.

Then four oz of chocolate powder and flour.

Add a tsp of vanilla extract and a tsp of baking powder.

11 oz of sugar

6 oz of butter
Mix all together.

I like to add a couple of chocolate chips before putting in the oven at 1180 degrees Celsius for 40 minutes.

The only thing bad about spending the whole day baking is the washing up after 
there is always loads. :(

But they tasted scrummy and he loved them!

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Monday, 22 June 2015

My Favourite Photos from November to Now!

So as I did take a long break from bloging I'll try to show you in as few pictures as I can what's been happening in my life since. These are my favourite pictures I have taken since I got my camera in early December.

So I'm a puplished poet in this concern book that is a tribute to Nelson Mandela and I got to go to Dublin on a trip for the release of the book.

Love this photo taken at the Disney store and this one in lush!

I went to a disco with a couple of friends this is what I wore I got it in forever 21.

We went to the BT Young Scientist with school and my friend realised she is goddess of cows.While we were in the farming section!!

Dancing in the snow !!

This is my favourite photo I have ever taken it's of my house and  I think it looks like a fairytale.

Snow day !

First time I took a good camera selfie.

This is only here because this was the day that I got winged eyeliner right for the first and last time. 

My birthday party musical statues we really are just big 2 year olds. 

When your cat is more photogenic then you ,you know life is not fair!

Me and my friends visited the set of Winterfell it was amazing (oh we beheaded my friend Áine too)

Fight to the death I won obviously ,look at the use of the cape !

                                               Love my friends they're crazy but I love them!

Sunset from my window. 

Riverfest fireworks!

I like taking pictures of flowers.


A wild Sadhbh

Love these flowers I think they look like vipers!!

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